About Us

The Owners

Mohr Auto Gear is a family owned business founded by owners Ryan and Ashley Mohr. They are based in Franklin Tennessee which is about 20 minutes from Nashville. Ryan has been very ingenuitive through his career always coming up with solutions for every day problems. This led to starting an online store [Mohr Auto Gear] to provide others with the same solutions he has found. 


The Pursuit of Excellence

The Mohrs strive for excellence in everything they do. They understand in order to build a lasting and trusted company there must be no area of compromise.   

The Product

During the design period of the Eyes-Up Phone Mount as they communicated with the manufacturing factory they would go back and forth, unrelenting to insure the phone mount was designed with NO compromise. They made sure it was created from the best plastics and silicone and assembled in a way that would insure a solid hold on your dashboard. The Mohrs believe the best way build a trusted brand is to have unmatched quality in their products.

The Customer

They also believe in order to sustain a sought after and trusted brand, you must also treat the customer with the utmost respect and go the “extra mile”. In an effort to provide unmatched customer service, Ryan and Ashley often stay up late answering customer emails and Facebook/Instagram questions and serving the customer. To the Mohrs it’s extremely gratifying when the customer is joyfully surprised and taken back with the level of customer service provided. 

The Delivery

To Ryan and Ashley it’s the worst when you’ve been promised one thing and receiving something different. For this reason they  strive to “under sell” and “over deliver”. This shows in their Shipping and Handling. Their Shipping and Handling policies state that the product ships out once the payment clears and could take up to 3-4 business days to be received. In reality the Mohrs ship out their orders right away; even on Saturdays. They often take the day’s packages to the post office at the last minute possible so they can send out new orders even minutes before the post office closes. 

The Mohrs believe in their product. Even enough so as to go and put their name on it.