Happy Customers

I've given over 7,000 Uber and 4,000 Lyft rides. The Mohr Eyes-Up 360 mount has saved my star rating from countless routing and safe driving issues. I won't drive without it!

Anthony Daniels

Impressed! I am not one who usually uses this terminology but all I can think of is “Awesome“ just ordered mine two days ago and got it already. Fits on my Nissan Xterra 4x4, holds my large stylos for cell no problem!!!! You can buy with confidence with these good peeps. I know what I am giving for xmas gifts this year 😁😁😁

Dale Sisson

I will be sharing your business on fb after this encounter. Your customer service is amazing!!

Mel Dormer

Just received mine and it is so much better than most I have purchased. Had a shipping issue which was due to USPS, not the actual company. Their customer service was awesome, they replied to my concern very quickly. I am so glad I ordered their product. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Aracely Knapp

The 360 mount is a great product from a great company. I would buy again and I highly recommend.

Allan A. Mindas Jr.

I have mine and love it!

Kim Hambrick

This is the best phone holder in the world? Got mine in 3 days and love it! Highly Recommend!

Stephen Wilkerson

Received mine in three days…  better than advertised… thank you… 

Anthony Newell

I used mine to & from work today. I was on the highway, switching lanes. I didn’t slide at all which I was concerned about. Glad I ordered it. It showed up rather quickly too. Less than a week.

Karen Humphrey–Mundell